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Divine Bread/Living Water for Good Friday

April 13, 2017
Divine Bread/Living Water for April 13
April 12, 2017
Divine Bread/Living Water: Party Crasher
April 15, 2017

Devotional Scripture

Mark 15:37-38 NIV: With a loud cry, Jesus breathed his last. The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.

T he streets of downtown Jerusalem were all but deserted after the panic of the mid-day earthquake. Cracked walls and overturned pots littered the streets after everyone fled for shelter or ran from the city for the safety of the surrounding countryside. The shaken temple priests were hurriedly trying to return order to the temple, knowing that the Sabbath was quickly coming upon them; the earthquake had created a considerable mess.

Suddenly, they came face to face with the reality that the curtain that kept them from the Holy of Holies was torn, revealing to their view the mercy seat. Fear gripped them as they wondered, "Will we now die from the sight of the mercy seat?" There it set, the "Presence" in plain view as they averted their eyes.

But something seemed different now. The torn curtain seemed almost an invitation to them. "Come in to where you could not go before. Set aside the blood of bulls and goats. We can talk now; we can visit together you and I." The rubble whispered to them, "Would all of this ever be the same again? Would all of this be necessary anymore?" The Levite wondered, "Could it be the mercy seat was laid in plain view of everyone in the afternoon on a hill outside the city gates?"

Excerpt from, The Rest of the Easter Story, page 101, Chosen, Forgiven and Loved.


Prayer for the Day

Oh wondrous Lamb of God, you have opened God's heaven to me. I will come boldly into Father's presence remembering all You accomplished on that hillside outside the temple that Good Friday and the victory You secured on that first Easter morning. It is in Your name, I come, Amen.

Ken Dickerson
Ken Dickerson
Ken Dickerson is the son of a Baptist Minister and the former President of an Industry Leading Facilities Performance Services Provider. Brought up in church, taught God’s word, baptized at an early age, he realized at the age of nineteen that forgiveness only worked for a repentant heart and he gave his life to the Jesus he had learned so much about from a young age. Now, at over sixty years old, he writes to use his gift of encouragement to bring his family, friends and employees into a passionate, personal relationship with the One who loves with an everlasting Divine affection. He is the husband of his soulmate and best friend, Jeanenne, who he confesses to be the greatest proof of God’s Divine affection in his life. He is the father of three children, Candace (and her husband Chris), Scott (and his wife Jamie) and Philip. He has five grandchildren: Blake, Christopher, Micah, Madison, and Esli Grace.